A Love To Die For

Ron and Grace had the perfect kind of love and marriage that inspires poets and songwriters to work even harder. If Love had a Mount Rushmore, they would be on it. But when Grace returns homes to an empty house one morning, a period of panic and confusion leads to a terrible discovery: Ron is dead. This Sudden Vacuum in her life destroys her completely. She has lost all that held her life together. There was no chance to say goodbye.

How can she pull herself together enough to get through a proper eulogy, worthy of their love and marriage? How can she try to get through all this and the empty years to come and move on with her life, as a single mother of two now fatherless children?

“A Love To Die For” will make you FEEL, really FEEL This is a story filled with laughter, pathos, tortuous, unbearable pain, endless struggle and the eventual triumph of a wife over the death of “The One,” the One true love of her life. It will make you laugh, a make you cry. It will make you hope.

“A Love To Die For” will grab you by your shoulders and pull you into the story with two hands, and keep you there because you can’t wait to learn what happens next. As a reader, you can’t actually help Grace Butler in her struggles. The only thing you can do, it to cheer her on. With the help, support and the love of her incredibly loving girlfriends, she finds ways to keep moving forward to find a reason, a purpose and a path to move on with her life as a single parent to her two fatherless children, then to teach others, and lead them to a better life.

Read “A Love To Die For”, and feel the feelings, and be uplifted.


Release Date 2/14/24